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I don't know how many aikido-related web-pages there are. Hundreds, thousands, millions ? Most of them must be for different kinds of communities, like aikido clubs or federations. Furthermore - we can find also pages that are kept by individuals. Sort of aikido-blogs ? Shiyukan.fi is a kind of mixture of those previously mentioned. It is a one journey to the world of aiki. This page does not only inform of the becoming events, but also shares ideas concerning this question : what does aikido mean to you ? So far Shiyukan has no dojo of it's own. We are planning to open it 2017. Until that, Shiyukan organizes aikido seminars and produces aikido-related materials (books and DVD's).


Mr. Risto Tenhunen

5. Dan Aikikai Shidoin



    Next Shiyukan Aikido Seminar will take place in December 2017. Mr. Risto Tenhunen (5th dan Aikikai) will give a weekend Seminar in Fudoshin Aikido Dojo. Please do visit Shiyukan Aikido Facebook-pages for more detailed information. You can also visit Turku Aikikai Dojo -website. There you can find more information of Seminar by Ms Anu Välimäki (13th January, 2018)    

  • WEEKLY TRAININGS 2015-12-21

    Risto Tenhunen is training this fall at Shiseikan Aikido Dojo (Iisalmi) Ms Anu Välimäki will continue practising in Helsinki area and teach both Meidokan and Kizunanokai Dojo´s.


    Updated news from here, too : facebook.com/shiyukan/