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I don't know how many aikido-related web-pages there are. Hundreds, thousands, millions ? Most of them must be for different kinds of communities, like aikido clubs or federations. Furthermore - we can find also pages that are kept by individuals. Sort of aikido-blogs ? Shiyukan.fi is a kind of mixture of those previously mentioned. It is a one journey to the world of aiki. This page does not only inform of the becoming events, but also shares ideas concerning this question : what does aikido mean to you ? So far Shiyukan has no dojo of it's own. We are planning to open it 2017. Until that, Shiyukan organizes aikido seminars and produces aikido-related materials (books and DVD's).


Mr. Risto Tenhunen

5. Dan Aikikai Shidoin



    Next Shiyukan Aikido Seminar will take place in November, 2017. Ms. Anu Välimäki (3rd dan Aikikai) will give a weekend Seminar in Lapinlahti. Please do visit Shiyukan Aikido Facebook-pages for more detailed information! Mr Risto Tenhunen has been invited by Kaigan Aikido Dojo (Seminar in November, 2017) and Fudoshin Aikido Dojo (Seminar in December, 2017). More details to come!

  • WEEKLY TRAININGS 2015-12-21

    Risto Tenhunen is training this fall at Shiseikan Aikido Dojo (Iisalmi) Ms Anu Välimäki will continue practising in Helsinki area and teach both Meidokan and Kizunanokai Dojo´s.


    Updated news from here, too : facebook.com/shiyukan/